“I’ll come back when it’s over – no need to say goodbye…”

Flying is weird.

I realized that as I was flying over the ocean this morning. How can people be so comfortable with being suspended thousands of feet into the air? I can’t even fathom how it happens to be possible. I watched a guy walk to the back of the plane to go use the restroom and I thought, “Don’t be a hero, boy!!” Haha.

Spain is quite awesommmee!! At first, it was pretty terrifying. Haha. I looked like a totally confused American when I had to exchange my American dollars over to Spanish euro, and then I tried to exit the airport in Madrid by going backwards through security! So much for pretending to be Spaniard!! Ugh! I felt like everyone there looked down on me. Every glance seemed to be condescending. Until I met the ISA staff for Sevilla. They are the sweetest people ever! They really want this to be the best experience for us, and they want us to milk it to the max – every last drop of Spanish culture. I felt pretty bad later on because Mauri, the goofy one of the staff, was giving us a panoramic tour of the city, and I fell asleep the whole time. (Those bus seats are like heaven when you’re running on four hours of sleep, plus jet lag.) Jet lag was killing pretty much everyone in the group. I should actually be asleep right now…Haha. Earlier, a few new friends and I walked around the city a little bit to try and stay awake. It’s gorgeous. Also! I have ordered in Spanish 3 times today! Woop, woop! I’m sure I’ll become even more confident after meeting my family in Sevilla. (We’ll be in Madrid for a few days, so I won’t meet them until Saturday.) My roommate, Kelsey (who is awesome!), and I are pretty convinced that our family is practically The Incredibles. We can’t wait to finally meet them!

Anyway, I’m falling asleep now. Haha. I seriously need some sleep. Until next time, friends. 


“Pick a star on the dark horizon and follow the light.”


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