“It’s not enough just to dream it.”

Today has been quite the adventure…

This morning, I caused the power to go out in mine and Kelsey’s room by attempting to plug in my straightener. Haha. I thought to myself, “I WOULD do that! That is such a ‘me’ thing to do!” And then I pictured Matt making fun of me. Haha. I couldn’t tell if Kelsey was upset with me (because she was in the middle of getting ready), or if she was genuinely being cool about it. Later I found out she thought it was hilarious. (Sigh of relief. Haha.)

After all the drama with electricity, we went to el Museo de la Reina Sofia museum and also el Museo del Prado – both are quite amazing! Being a tour guide, of course I kept an observant eye on the guide of the day, Mario. He was totally awesome! He’s this middle aged guy with incredible energy! And a funny sense of humor. He called us “Marios y Marias.” Haha. He really wanted us to understand and appreciate the art that he had to show us, and he was great at presenting it! My favorite work (and I think probably everybody’s favorite) in the Reina Sofia museum was Picaso’s “Guernica.”  It represents how some people can be so cruel. And then there’s “Las Meninas” by Velasquez in the Prado museum. That one was pretty cool. I got a sucker for figuring out what was going on in a painting inspired by “Las Meninas” called, “Charles IV and His Family” by Francisco de Goya. It’s a long explanation, but basically there’s a self-portrait of Goya in the painting and it looks like he’s painting what he sees, but he’s looking at us – we are actually behind the mirror that he’s looking at to see the family that he’s painting which he doesn’t like them because they’re mean so he paints them to look mean but anyway he’s standing behind them…confused? Haha. It’s really cool though.

Oh! For lunch, we all had Paella Valenciana – it was sooohoho good! Paella is pretty much the national dish – kind of like the cheeseburger or hotdog is to America. It’s a dish with rice and other stuff…ours had chicken legs in it. So good!

Later, we walked around the centro where I ran into Captain Jack Sparrow! I totally freaked out! I walked up to him and said, “Hola Capitan!!” and he responded in his drunken tone with, “‘Ello…” Oh man, I was too hype!! Haha. He held out his hand for me to join him on his pedestal (How could I say no?? Haha.) and we did a few poses – one in which he put his gun to my head! Haha. We had a nice, friendly conversation which included his asking me if I’d remember him forever and ended with his saying, “I love you, Alexzandria.” To which I, of course, responded, “I LOVE YOU TOO, CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW!!!” Haha!

After that, Kelsey, Kaitlin, Drew and I headed to a cafe to try out chocolate con churros. It’s basically a plate of churros with a cute cup of hot chocolate pudding that we dip the churros into. It was pretty great! It was funny because the waiter already knew what we wanted. I guess because it was about 6pm and in Spain, dinner isn’t until about 8 or 9pm, and the merienda is typically around 6pm.

Then, we made a trip to la farmacia where I purchased some razors…Haha. I forgot to bring some from the states. I can’t wait to take an awesome shower and rest tonight! It looks like we’ll be ending the night with Cheetah Girls 2: When in Spain. We were inspired by the streets today. Haha.

Until next time! :)



3 thoughts on ““It’s not enough just to dream it.”

  1. Brittney says:

    What a fun day! So happy that you’re having such a great time (and excellent job sizing up your tour guide). The Prado is amazing – I always loved the El Greco pieces. :)

    We miss you!

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