“I find it all so amusing. To think, I killed a cat, and might I say, not in the die way…”

Tonight, Kelsey and I hung out with our padres.

The night started with a little bit of grocery shopping at Carrefour – the Spaniard equivalent to Walmart. It’s a pretty interesting place. Before I go any further, I must say that I bought two epic pairs of shoes. One for 8 euro, and one for 6 euro. Holler back!! Anyway, while we were at Carrefour, I had to use the restroom. As soon as I walked in, I started cracking up because on each of the stall doors, there was one word which led up to one sentence: “Aqui. Son. Los. Aseos.” – Here are the toilets. Hahaha! I thought that was awesome! Also, the people who work there are claaass-sy! They hurr is gaw-juss and makeup like they gon to da cluuub ya huurd me? (That was my gangster voice…) AND there are some rolling around on skates like Sonic!! Haha! Well, after we got everything we needed, we got in line to check out. This was pretty interesting because instead of just finding your own register, you go to just one line and they direct you to the next open register. After we checked out, we took a minute to coo at the cute little puppies and fluffy bunnies in the pet section on the way out the door!! So cute!!

After shopping, we went out for tapas. We stopped at this place where there were a ton of people standing both inside and outside, drinking cerveza and eating tapas. Mami asked us what we wanted to drink. After much hesitation, I decided to try the red wine. First sip – it was guh-rooossss! I tried to push through and drink the rest, but I got to like the fourth sip and started to gag a little bit. At that point, even the smell made me feel sick. Haha. Mami asked if I liked it and I used a new phrase that I learned and said, “Me da asco!” – It makes me sick! We laughed and continued eating our tapas. We had this one that was fried squash drenched in honey – it was sooo good! It’s an Arabic tapa. Mami started telling us about the history of the hotel right beside the place we were eating called, “Hotel Casa 1800.” She said that it used to be a super fancy house in the 1800s, and the owners would throw parties that famous and rich people would go to. One day something happened…I can’t quite remember, but anyway the roof was falling in or the building was broken…. you lose context when there’s a language barrier. Haha. Anyway, so then someone came in and fixed up the inside and turned it into a hotel. The inside is different, but the outside looks exactly how it used to. Pretty cool stuff.

In the car, it was so cute and funny to watch Aurora and Antonio (our padres) interact with each other and just be. In my mind, I kept comparing it to me and Matt when we get that age. (Dreamer. Ha.) I feel like Aurora is me in 20 years. Haha. Seriously! She’s quirky and weird, but intelligent and appreciative of the arts. Ehh…haha. She wears oversized cardigans like me (haha) and with her fancy-looking clothes, she wears bright red hightop chucks!! I was sold when I saw her wearing those. Haha. She and Antonio kept deciding between which songs to play, and it was so cute and funny. Antonio wanted to listen to Michael Buble, but Aurora said that she listens to him when she wants to go to sleep. Haha! She wanted to listen to the Sex Pistols – “My Way.” Hahaha! Antonio put that song on, and Mami was cracking me uuup singing along!! She made her voice sound just like theirs at the beginning, being all mockingly serious, and then she started bobbing her head and dancing around when it got to rocking out. I’m telling you…she’s the Spaniard me in 20 years. I love her! The other day, as Kelsey and I were heading up to our room, we were saying “Buenos nachos!” and I shouted, “Te amooo!” but Mami didn’t reply. I decided maybe it was too soon. Haha.

She’ll love me yet….Haha.



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