“It takes a lot to get’em right…”

So, in Spain they go off military time, right? I have a class at 5:30.

So, I´m at home having lunch and then I see that it´s 14:40 and I´m like okay cool, I have about an hour to chill before I need to meet up with Kaitlin at the metro. So, I chill out for a while and then decided it´s time to head out. So I get to the metro and wait there for Kaitlin, and by 15:55 I´m wondering where Kaitlin is because it´s usually her who has to wait on me! I decide that maybe she left to the school already, so I go ahead and get on the metro. I rush to my classroom, and open the door and there´s a class going on! I think, oh nooo I´m late! But that professor was a woman, so it couldn´t have been my class! So I go to the next classroom and there´s a class in there too, so I just assume the previous classes haven´t been let out yet. I look at my phone to see the time and I think to myself, ¨What the heck, it´s 16:23! Class should have gotten out 3 minutes ago, and my class starts at 5:30!¨ Then I stop for a second to count on my hand (Haha.) ¨12, 1, 2, 3…fouuur…..DAHH!!¨ I came to school a whole hour early!! Hahaha!!

I decided to chill in the library. Well, the place is packed because the Spaniards are studying for their finals. I´m pretty sure I´m the only American in here right now…but I decided to pretend to be Spaniard. So I head to a decent-looking bookcase to pretend to search for a book. I see a book called, ¨Basics of Roman Law¨ or something of that nature…and sooo I head to a different bookcase, only to run into books about contracts. Pretty sure I was in the economics section. I decide to just explore. There´s this cool staircase that leads to a loft in the middle of the library. I didn´t see anybody there, so I figured it wasn´t a place for play. That´s when I ran into the computers! And here I am. Haha.

These keyboards are cray. (Not to be confused with ¨Kray.¨) I was trying to get into my email and started typing out, alexzandria.siprian”mavs….whaaat?? So, you know how the @ sign is on the 2 key, right? And usually it´s above the 2, indicating that you need to press the shift button. (I just realized that I’ve been using an accent mark where I’ve been meaning to use an apostrophe and also instead of quotation, I’ve been using that weird ¨ that goes above a vowel like ö that. Haha….for the sake of originality, I won’t go back and change them. Haha.) Anyway, the quotation mark is above the 2 so I pressed shift like I normally would in the states, and stared at the keyboard like a dummy for like 5 minutes, trying a bunch of different combinations to figure out how to put the @ sign so I could get into my email!! Hahaha!!

This whole situation is quite hysterical. Haha.

Anyway, something you’ve missed since my last blog is that I attended mass at la Catedral de Santa María de la Sede. Only the largest gothic cathedral in the entire world. Needless to say, I was feeling quite accomplished as far as my “experiencing Spain” goes. Haha. Go to largest gothic cathedral in the world: check. Besides its fame, it is absolutely gorgeous. It honestly is breath-taking. I just stared at the cieling….it absolutely incredible. (¡Im..pre…sio…nante!) (<–see what I did there? And I didn’t have to google “Spanish symbols.” Ha!) But really…the cathedral was amazing. We only got to see one basic part of it, because that’s where mass was held but – OHHH my goodness!! We were in the cathedral as the mass before ours was ending, and they were playing REAL. LIFE. ORGANS. Ohhh my goodness, the way it echoed off the walls and resonated in the giant structure of the place…I legitimately felt like I was in a movie. It was quite overwhelming.

Anyway! I have to really head to class now. Haha. I’m pretty sure 17 means 5….

¡Vale! <—Eh? Ehh?? Haha.


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