“But here, I learn; I make new friends. And soon return in bulletproof Mercedes Benz.”

Hey y’all!!

So, for starters, I’m done with class this semester!! Hooray! I still have to take finals, buuuut……………………we won’t think about that for now.


Because I’m going to MALLORCA this weekend!!! What is Mallorca?? Why, it’s an island in the Mediterranean Sea NO BIG DEAL. Haha. I’ll be hanging out at the beach all weekend! Chick-ow! :) But then I have to come back and study until I black out…………………..but we’re not thinking about that right now. :)

So, yesterday I had to go to a Flamenco espectaculo. Now, bear in mind that I’ve been to quite a few of these. And they are all. The same. But I had to go to anoootthherr one yesterday. AND IT WAS ACTUALLY FANTASTIC. We went to what we Flamenco pros call a “peña.” It’s basically a tavern for flamenco. But there are like, private rooms and patios where really famous flamenco singers have sung, and we got to explore it all!

I’m writing a paper over Antonio Nuñez Montoya or “El Chocolate” and it was really cool to see his pictures on the wall and to be in the same rooms where he once sung. My professor is super passionate about his subject, and when he found out that Antonio Mairena (probably the most famous flamenco artist) sang in the peña, and that we were standing in the exact room where he sang, he flipped out! Haha! And when he saw a photo of him singing, he was like, “MIRA! AQUí ESTá!!!” Haha me and Xoch looked at each other like “Aww…” Haha. And the performance was actually really, really great. I can now say that I enjoy flamenco. Haha. I guess it just had to grow on me a little bit. :)

Mallorca, Mallorca, Mallorca!




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