Back in my own very small pond…

It has been exactly 47 days since I said goodbye to the experience that changed my life and my being.

47 days since I said goodbye to the family that invested over 4 months of their lives into mine so that I could grow as a person and a student.

47 days since I said goodbye to a group of folks that went from strangers to the very best of friends within moments.

47 days since I said goodbye to 45 minute walks that felt like 15 minutes, churros con chocolate, bocadillos, Matalascañas, weekend trips to different countries in Europe, my bestie Felix the cat (and of course, Dante), the daily beauty of cathedrals and Spanish architecture, my crazy professors, the Gray Man and his Grandson, street musicians left and right, the amazing staff of ISA, Luca and the crazy chef who gave us those…yummy…cookies (haha), Spanish festivities, the people…

47 days since I’ve said goodbye to Spain.

I’ve had 47 days to readjust to life in the states, and I’m still not there yet. There are times when I get so frustrated because I can’t seem to relate to people, even friends I’ve had for years. Frustrated because there are times when they can’t relate to me or understand where my heart and my psychology are at after such an experience as living abroad. Sad because I miss everything so much. Sad because I’ll never get those moments back.


“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”

I am so, so grateful to have had such an incredible experience! I’ll cherish the memories forever and ever! 

I still don’t know just who I am, and I’ve got a ton of growing to do. But that’s the adventure in life, right? ;)


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