31ish Things I’ve Learned in my Travels So Far

Some lessons, some thoughts. It’s a list. My precious likes lists. I’m sleepy, here you go.

  • Light PDA is acceptable when you’re not going to be able to kiss your boyfriend in the next 8 months. Hadtogetthatoutofthewaysorrytherestwillbenon-gushy.
  • As much as I work to remember to bring everything I need, it’s just….no.
  • 4 oz of contact solution at an airport costs twice as much as 3 oz of baby powder, and one dollar more than internet on the plane. However, a USB wall charger costs the same as it does at Best Buy. So there is the silver lining of not feeling totally stupid for forgetting something so detrimental. Only some stupid.
  • There doesn’t have to be snow or ice for a plane to be delayed. #Texas
  • 40 minute layovers are not ideal, and can lead to a terrible chain of events.
  • Repairs on planes can take place immediately before take-off, and we should all just be cool.
  • I am the “flight assistant’s pet” in this class of businessmen who definitely need their laptops out right now, it’s important okay.
  • Economy passengers are not allowed to use the restroom in the first class section, and the guy beside me really doesn’t care what I do. (See above point.)
  • Using the toilet on a plane is FREAKING terrifying. But still preferred over port-a-potties.
  • German airlines are pretty insistent that you eat something. Imagine your Mexican grandma’s face when you decline food. Then put it on a tall blondie.
  • Now, imagine the look if you make this decline with tears pouring out of your face.
  • Unrelated: I finally watched “The Fault in Our Stars.”
  • Everyone on the staff speaks fluent German and English, and give all instructions and announcements in both.
  • Did he just say hobitses?
  • I am getting more comfortable with asking strangers questions in Spanish, because I have no idea what’s going on.
  • I shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions at airports because, as it turns out, nobody knows what’s going on. So, the whole intimidation factor should not even exist. Everyone is dumb. #equality
  • Spain, apparently, is also “All About that Bass.”
  • Bus station guards take their job very seriously.
  • Spanish teenagers look just like US teenagers.
  • I have a newly discovered ability to find places without GPS or maps.
  • Bedding is something you provide for yourself, hello.
  • Imagine Olivander’s Wand Shop with sheets and blankets.
  • I am very lucky when it comes to homes in Spain. So far I’m 2 for 2.
  • I am also very lucky with roommates in Spain.
  • My name is Ale.
  • Spanish 7 year olds are PSYCHO.
  • It’s fun to pretend that your beloved pet fish is still alive when children ask you whether or not you have a pet.
  • I have found that I am better at Spanish that I thought.
  • The town of Cehegín is about the same size as UTA’s campus. Going from school to school is a lot like going from class to class.
  • I cry when the bus is late.
  • Unrelated: I still have jet lag.

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