I was going to write a post about how miserable I am here.

How lonely I am, and how it feels impossible to make friends here. How this program totally doesn’t have its stuff together…how I won’t be getting paid until November or December, so I’m rationing my food supply. How I’m supposed to do some kind of paperwork to be able to stay here for an extended period of time, but nobody in the program has a clue how to go about it, because they’re giving everyone different – vague – instructions. It’s supposed to be done within 30 days, and it turns out we’ve got to set up appointments and the earliest openings are in December. How I legitimately don’t know what I’m supposed to do in the classroom because the teachers don’t really know what I’m supposed to be doing either.

I actually typed up all my points this morning before heading to work.

However…today, I went to a certain class for the first time. And as soon as I walked in the door, I heard a 6 year old voice say “Hello!!” And immediately, one girl ran up and gave me a hug. And then another little girl joined her. And then a little boy. And then another, and another. The teacher was trying to get the students to make a circle so they could play a game, but nobody was listening to her. They all wanted to hug me. Haha. It was a dogpile of hugs.

So! As you may have heard, hugs release endorphins or something…I don’t know, but at the moment I’m just pleased to be alive. Haha. And lucky to be part of these cutie’s lives. So. There’s your update. <3


2 thoughts on “Youths.

  1. mommy says:

    This made my emotions go all over the place. I love you. You’ve already impacted their lives in such a short time. I knew you would.

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