Meet 10 Characters from CEIP Cehegín

Every day, I spend time with, like, 90 different kids. They are all precious (or evil), but there are some who have really made an impression on me. Today, I am introducing you to some of the characters in the elementary classrooms of Cehegín.

1. The boy who says random phrases in English. 
“Are you ready? Yes or no?” “I SAY!”

2. The 3rd grade boy who looks at me like this guy: 
mexican smile

3. The girl who, when she can’t remember an English word, just makes one up. 

4. The bubbly girl who is full of charisma when she speaks Spanish, but as soon as you ask her to speak English, she turns into Lilly.
lilly pitch perfect

5. The first grade girl who I’m pretty sure is a gypsy.
She adores me though, so there’s no need for concern.
But if she ever brings me a cherry pie, I will throw it away. Just as a precautionary measure. #thinner

6. The boy who always looks like he’s ready to punch the teacher.

7. The girl who always looks like she’s ready to punch me.
angelica pickles
“I’m bigger than you.” “…mhmm!”

8. This first grader: 
Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 5.28.29 PM

9. And this first grader:
amanda please

10. And then there’s the kid who shouldn’t even be here. 
“You wanna know why I know all these words? It’s because I know English.”


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