I have a comfort zone.

Fun fact about Alexz:

I am not known to have a comfort zone. I tend to adapt to new situations well and quickly, and I feel comfortable most everywhere. I have performed interpretive dances while waiting in line for a movie ticket. I have remixed the words to “Part of Your World” to be about produce and sang it loud and proud while grocery shopping with my boyfriend’s family (before I was sure they liked me). I once spent a day shouting at every person who passed my res hall, asking them to marry me. I’m weird, and I’m comfortable with the world.

Or, I used to be.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

I’ve seen this quote, or variations of it, a million times. But I never felt like it actually applied to me. Nothing out of the ordinary has ever stopped me from doing something I really wanted to do.

I’ve been having such a negative experience this time around living abroad, but when I take out all the obvious elements (no pay, stupid education system, missing my boyfriend) I can’t find a reason to be unhappy here. It’s beautiful. It’s cultural. It’s different from the norm, which is something I typically thrive on.

So, I’ve come to the conclusion that I do, in fact, have a comfort zone. And I left it when I stepped onto Spanish soil. I don’t know what happened to me in the time that passed between studying abroad and teaching abroad, but suddenly EVERYTHING IS TERRIFYING. Everything is uncomfortable. And it’s even more uncomfortable, because this is not a feeling I’m acquainted with, and I did not apprehend this while mentally preparing to leave home.

So! Now that I recognize this, I can act accordingly. I’ll approach each situation with the knowledge that I am expanding my comfort zone, which means actively fighting discomfort. Or embracing it. Something I didn’t have to think about before. It came to me naturally.

Here’s to a new disposition, an upcoming new year, and a more positive experience for the remainder of my time here. #yas

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