How I Traveled 10 Days with a Classic Backpack

Those of you who follow me on Facebook know that I just got back from the ultimate Christmas break trip! I traveled 10 days between 3 countries, and it was, indeed, ULTIMATE.

Many folks would pack the ultimate (Using this word a lot. I apologize.) backpacker’s backpack or an actual suitcase for trips that extend past a weekend. And that makes sense. You need things. We need things. I just am not keen on the idea of lugging around a suitcase or massive backpack for 10 days. I am a delicate flower. Haha. In the days leading up to my departure, I was all over Pinterest looking for ways to pack light, and found about 1 tip that was applicable to me. (Moisturizer in a contact case. Genius.) So, I went with my gut and was actually able to squeeze just about everything I needed into a classic schoolbag.

Here’s what I packed:

– One pair of black jeans
– One set of fleece leggings
– Two undershirts
– Two tank tops (One I didn’t wear at all.)
– Two flannel-type shirts
– One sweater (That I basically wore every single day.)
– Lots of undergarments
– Lady products (because Mother Nature hates me.)
– One towel (To be fair, I shoved this into a friend’s suitcase.)
– Travel sized shower products (Also shoved into friend’s suitcase.)
– Wipeys for the days that showering isn’t available
– 2 small packs of tissues (which were handy when we ran out of TP)
– Necessity bag including tweezers, nail clippers, makeup, etc.
– Granola bars!
– Electronics (phone, tablet, chargers)

You might be asking yourself, “What the hell.” Yeah, I get that. I should say that I definitely roughed it throughout this trip. But I’m kind of a hippy (not) so it works. Here are some notes on how my packing suited/did not suit my needs while traversing the European continent:


1. When checking in for flights, I didn’t have to worry about checking my suitcase in, or meeting a weight requirement. I just carried on my backpack. I didn’t even have to worry about putting it in the overhead bin. It fit smoothly under the seat in front of me. And I had everything I might have needed within my reach.

2. When we were lost (which was often) on our way to a hostel, or train station, or bus station, my friends had to lug around their suitcases (which they were cool with, btw. Disclaimer. I’m not bashing their packing choices. Lol.) while all I had to carry was my backpack. My hands were free to do things like….wave at people….or something. Whatever. It was nice. Haha.

3. It’s winter time, so all anyone ever sees you wear is your coat. And scarf. And hat. So why bother shaking it up with several outfit options? One of my friends packed a dress specifically for NYE, and she was bummed because no one would get to see it, because we would be celebrating in the streets of Amsterdam. I wore the same exact outfit I had on throughout the day, and looked equally as fab as my homie, because hello, peacoats. And red lipstick.


1. IT WAS FREAKING COLD. And there were days I wished I could have put on more layers. Eventually, I came around to wearing my fleece leggings under my jeans, and my sweater under the flannel. That seemed to work well for me, but I wished I had a thermal long sleeve or something.

2. I didn’t have much room for souvenirs, but I didn’t have much money for spending either (#thanksMurcia) so it worked well. Haha. One of the girls started collecting flyers, postcards, stickers, and napkins from hostels, bars, and restaurants to have as reminders of our experiences in each place, and I followed suit. #AlternativeSouvenirs

Overall, I’d give traveling with a simple backpack 4 high fives. It was convenient, stressless, and easy peezy.

At some point in the near future, I will be posting a video of clips from the entire trip. But for now, I’ll leave you with this random, possibly useless post on packing for people who like wearing the same clothes daily.


Here is my fancy backpack.


One thought on “How I Traveled 10 Days with a Classic Backpack

  1. hopeless romantic says:

    I’ve always dreamed about doing something as adventurous as that! I’ve long been a proponent of subsistence travelling. Seeing as I’m not in need of all the feminine products I should have plenty of space for souvenirs In my backpack. Your travelling friends idea of taking napkins and soap etc from stops on your trip is great.

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