“Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass…”

Hola mi gente!

Here is a journal-style entry of the past week that I have not posted anything! Enjoy. ;)

Sunday. January 22.

Today we toured around Sevilla as a group. This city is so incredible and beautiful and classic! I’ve completely fallen in love!! Our guide for the day was Mauri, my fave. There were lots of people doing interesting things around the city. There were ladies passing out rosemary – ojo! But not for free! They’re con-artists! Once you take the rosemary from them, they ask for 5 or 20 euros and you can’t just give it back! Got’em!! I felt like a true Spaniard (oddly, quite mean…) when I immediately said no and continued walking as one of the ladies came up to me to give me rosemary. There was also a guy with an amp, a guitar, a mic, and a harmonica. I told Mauri – “That’s my dream!! That’s what I want to do!!” He spent many minutes trying to talk me out of it. No success. Haha. After hours of going through the twists and turns of Sevilla, Kelsey and I returned home to some kick-butt spaghetti. Lunch is the most important meal of the day, so….it was pretty heavy. Haha. But sooo-hoho good! Later that night, we went to meet up with the friends that we made that day. We walked around for a while looking for a place to chill, but nothing was open (’twas Sunday, after all…) so we ended up just loitering and chatting. :) That was a nice night.

Monday. January 23.

This is the day we had the placement exam!! I was sooo nervous and scared!! I needed to place at least into the Advanced I level to get to take the classes that I had approved by my advisor. (Although, if I didn’t make the grade I could have had my peeps talk to their peeps and get in….but the nerd in me wanted to earn it!!) In the exam, we had to write about a dream that we’ve had. Ha. I wrote about the time I dreamt about the giant pizza in the parking lot and the little girl fell in and it was a swimming pool maze and we had to go rescue her….pretty sure whoever read that thinks I’m cray. Haha. Later, we had a meeting at the gorgeous ISA office. It seriously looks, like, way too incredible to be an office. There’s a sunroof and pretty windows inside….it’s so prettyyy! After the meeting, we went out to get tapas. ¬†(Thank you, ISA!) There were a few different tapas served – one wassss……SQUID!! Bleh!! I immediately know this is going to be terrible, but I chose to try it – because I’m in Spain and I’m experiencing the culture and blaah blaah blahhh WELL it was exactly what I thought it would be!! Terrible!!!! Haha. There was this nasty slime inside of it that made me gag a little bit….ayyy que horror!!

Tuesday. January 24.

This is the day we had orientation at Pablo de Olavide (the university I’ll be attending this semester) and we also get the RESULTSSSS to the placement exam!!! I was totally wigging out! I got my folder and opened it with my results and BAM I got into the Advanced not I but II level!!! I’m feeling pretty cool at this point, but then I saw that this business major made a higher score than me….if you know me, you know that competition drives the nerd in me…so I was a little dissatisfied. Haha. But totally relieved. After the orientation – OH my goodness, during the orientation the professors introduced themselves, and one of them was so funny! He said, “My name is Enrique, I’ll be teaching (blahblah) and there are 3 things I think you should know about me. (Somethingsomething), I love Lifetime movies, and I love country music including – (somebody) Carrie Underwood, and Shania Twain.” Baahh he had us rolling! Haha. Anyway, after orientation, we had a get-together with tapas and drinks. I tried sangria, and lo and behold, I didn’t like it. Lol. Good times…Haha.

Wednesday. January 25.

We started classes!! My first class was Interpretation techniques!! I volunteered to go up to the front of the class (naturally) and there was a guy named Alex (haa) and our professor asked me to be the Spanish speaker (which made me feel really cool!!) and she interpreted between us. He was the ticketmaster at a train station, and I was trying to buy a ticket. I made it as hard as possible for him. Mwahahaaa….it was cool because our professor is English so when Alex told me he couldn’t lower the price of the ticket and I said, “Mentiras!!!” our professor translated it to “Rubbish!!!” Haha! After that class, I had History of Flamenco….pretty cool class. I just hate that battle to stay awake, you know?? Haha. Same story for my Spanish Culture and Civilization class (which unfortunately is an evening class….man, I thought I was done with those…) After class that evening, Kelsey, Drew, Kaitlin and I all went to meet up with a bunch of locals so we could practice our Spanish! Kelsey and I, and our friend Mary, all got grouped with this girl Ana and her boyfriend, a DJ at a nearby discoteca. We had some bocadillos at 100 Montaditos and theeennn we went to this secluded bar in between all the twist and turns of the Sevilla buildings where they have a flamenco performance every night at 10:30! It was…quite interesting. Haha. Earlier that day in my His of Flamenco class, I learned that the singers of Flamenco “make” their voices ugly – to sound as painful as the words they sing. It’s terrible. Haha. But they were making beats with their feet and hands. It was pretty cool. And the woman did her little flamenco dance which was haaardcore! We left before it was over due to early classes. Wom-womm…yay college! Haha.

Thursday. January 26.

I have class at noon on Thursdays and that’s it! Haaa! That’s a nice relief. Usually, I’d have to work during my hours off, but for now…I’m free! Haha. Except, I’m thinking about volunteering to assist in teaching English at a school over here. Heck yayuhh!! Anyway, my Tue-Thurs class is Spanish Pragmatics, which is basically the study of how people communicate with each other. It’s great! I do believe I’m already the teacher’s pet. Haha. I was talking and answering questions, and interacting with the professor as if we were just hanging out, talking about pragmatics. Haha. I did feel bad at one point because I told him what to do. I told him, “Da un ejemplo! Give an example!” Later, I realized that might be crossing a line, but….he knows my name now so whatevs. Haha. He’s kind of an introvert so I don’t think he knew how to react to my telling him what to do. Haha. My b! Anyway, later Kelsey, Drew, Kaitlin and I (I need to think of a group name so that I don’t have to type that every time I mention something we do together….haha) went on the quest for books. (On our way, I had a good time kicking a can around with these little boys…baha!) Luckily, the girls who left the straightener behind also left a ton of books behind. ;) Hollerrr I found books for two of my classes at home! We all looked at the library at the ISA office – nothing there. Then we took the metro over to UPO (Universidad de Pablo de Olavide…my school) to buy our books from their copister√≠a. At our school, they copy books and print them to make little spiral books. I have a feeling that’s not “strictly speaking legal” (NAME THAT MOVIE!!!) buuttt eh. My books cost a total of 15 or so euro! Right on!! We ended the night with chicken kabobs and homework. :)

Today. Friday. January 27.

Usually, we won’t have classes on Fridays, but we did today. Wom-wommm….but it was just the class I had yesterday – pragmatics – so it was cool! Lunch today was top notch! Our mami made us this epic carne guisada with this rice thing…she put the rice in a cup to form the shape and then flopped it out on our plate. She’s great. Haha. Oh, and also an egg. Lol. It was sooohoho good! Then (insert group name for Kelsey, Kaitlin, Drew and me) all went out to meet with our brilliant friend, Dierdre, at El Centro to have “un cafelito” (learned that word in pragmatics…it basically means “coffee date.” Haha.) and also to shop around for some new shoes. Walking is pretty much what the cool kids do in Spain, so…I need new shoes because my shoes are all flat and cause me so much ignorant pain…ugh….I can hardly enjoy the city because my feet hurt so much, you know? So, we went shopping for shoes and stuff. But all the shoes I found that I loved were either too expensive, or they wouldn’t have been any better for my feet. Sad day. Actually, this has really been an off day for me. It’s the first day of my journey that I haven’t been in a good mood. I don’t know. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. :)

Well! There you have it! You’ve been caught up! Sadly, I couldn’t fit in or remember all the little details that make the experience that much sweeter. Conversations, feelings…but now I’m up to date and I’m hoping to post at least every other day, if not daily. Thanks for keeping up with me and being patient and all that jazz! :) Stay classy!