“Sittin’ on the dock of the bay…”

I lost myself in Sevilla.

I mean that literally. Last Friday, Drew and I were trying to figure out the back way to the ISA office, and we toootally got lost. Haha. It was such an adventure, though! We walked a red carpet (that lead up to a snazzy hotel), had tons of photo ops, and ended up on the other side of the Centro! We stopped inside a store to get some ham flavored chips (Haha – Drew!) and some supa cheap oreos! (Holla back!) On our way out, I spotted a rack of scarves for just 3 euro! I decided I needed something to remember our adventure, so I bought one and also talked Drew into buying one. Haha. (It was 2 scarves for 5 euro! Can’t pass that up! Haha.) That’s when drew saw a pretty building and I saw the Metrosol Parasol! We went over towards it and decided we weren’t in a rush to get home, so we continued walking and ran into a group of break dancers!! After carrying on and getting lost some more, we turned back and sat watching them for 30 minutes before we finally got the courage to go up and talk to a couple of them! We explained that we’re from the US and are studying in Sevilla for the semester and that we need friends! They quickly accepted our real-life friend request. Haha. Then we explained that we were totally lost. Haha. And they helped us figure out our way home!

Since then, life has been pretty much a lot like at home. I explained to Caitlyn (the one from UTA) the other day that life here is pretty much the same as at home. I still have school, I still have homework! I’m just in a different location. But I do have more free time due to not having a job. Haha. School is prettyyyy….okay, let’s talk about this real quick. Haha.

I feel like I paid such great attention the first days of classes, but when school actually set in foreal…I lost it. Haha. I feel like a doodle queen! Haha. On the plus side, we’ve gotten far enough into our History of Flamenco class that we listen to good styles of flamenco now. Haha. And in my Civilization and Culture class, we wrote scripts and performed skits for the class (while the class next to us jammed out to Pink Floyd. Haha.) And in Pragmatics, we spent a chunk of class just telling jokes! And it wasn’t to distract the class, it was part of our lesson! We’ve also been performing skits in my Interpretation class! Wow…this paragraph was definitely going to be negative, but turns out school is pretty great! Haha!

Yesterday, our ISA group went to Ronda! It’s a small village up in the mountains. It’s super cute. :) We toured the Plaza de toros – the oldest in the world! (I think they said oldest…Haha.) Pretty much everyone in the entire group had an epic photo shoot there. Haha. From jumping shots, to sorority poses, to the over popular posing like a bull and a bullfighter. Haha. Then we had lunch at the puente. It’s the bridge that connects the two sides of the city. It’s totally gorgeous. After lunch, most of the group split up and hiked around. I stayed behind and checked out the shops. My foot has been hurting me, and I didn’t realize how bad it was until I got home last night and looked at my foot, only to find a bruise and a knot on it. Lame sauce. Today, I stayed behind at home too. There’s so much walking involved in getting around Sevilla, so I figured I needed to rest it while I could. The afternoon turned out to be lovely, though. :)

A little FYI: my computer is on the fritz, so that’s why I’ve neglected the blog. Haha. I’m going to get it checked out either Monday or Tuesday.

OH!! And I’m going to go check out an opportunity to be a teaching assistant on Tuesday!! :) I’ll let you know what happens on the next blog!

ALSO!! I’m going to see WICKED in LONDON very soon!! I can’t stinking WAIT!!!!!!!!!